Allie Nidey is a Junior Media Buyer at Wicked Think Marketing, where she brings a touch of her unique talents to the team. Not only is Allie a master at buying media, but she’s also one of the best solo cake bakers in Colorado (even though she won’t admit it). When she’s not busy saving the world with her media buying skills or baking up a storm, Allie can be found cozied up with her favorite movies.

Allie is the proud fur mom of two small dogs, Joe and Sloan, who are her constant companions. She also has a chameleon named Johnny Depp who she says is just as cool as his human counterpart. When it comes to food, Allie is a true lover of all things delicious, but she’s especially fond of Mexican cuisine and margaritas. Don’t be surprised if you find her at the nearest Mexican restaurant indulging in a little salsa and chips.

And, if you ever find yourself in need of a Kaiju tamer, Allie’s got you covered. With nothing more than a stick and half a banana, she can control the infamous Godzilla. So, if you ever see her with a stick and a banana, don’t worry, she’s just keeping the peace in the world of giant monsters.