WickedThink Sports Marketing

For Brands That Reject the Ordinary…
Good News: We Do Too

What You’ll Get

Unparalleled Depth of Sports Knowledge
Keith knows a lot, and we staff a bunch of experts to back him in whatever he needs.
Wicked Ideas
Outshine the competition. In fact, blind them with better, and win over their customers.
Personalized Attention
When your direct contact is the boss, you know you’re in good hands.
That Staff I was Just Talking About
We’re a bunch of really solid, really dedicated teammates who actually care about what we produce for you.
Work That Works
Otherwise, what’s the point? Let us help sharpen your brand, generate more customers, and make you some money.

What We Believe

We believe that reaching the right people at the most opportune times will increase the likelihood of a sale, a unique customer, or a new fan. And that’s what we know how to do. Our approach reaches far beyond conventional methods to create lasting impressions on those people you need to connect with.

Our success is not defined by winning awards, but by how effective we are for you.
Solid strategy and bold imagination leads to great creative. (The order is important.)
Fluidity of thought and embracing new ideas.
Creating work that works.

Brand Positioning

We aren’t a disconnected, outside agency. We are on your team…working with your team to build your business’ success. Marketing is essential if you hope to grow.

And together, we can make your brand great.
We know what we’re doing and have the client testimonials to back it up. We rarely pitch business because our clients sing our praises for us (thank you, guys). And with 35 years of expertise, our leadership brings the extensive experience you need to take your business to the next level.
Even though we work with other clients, you’d never know it. We’re damn good soldiers and care about personalized attention. Plus, it’s our goal to have an understanding of your business that surpasses even your own knowledge…no offense!
What’s Included
Sponsorship Management
Event Activation
Marketing Strategy
Creative Ideation 
Digital Marketing

We’ll Even Vacuum

No seriously…

When it comes to serving you, there’s nothing that falls below or beyond our capabilities. Our ethos revolves around a “roll your sleeves up and get it done” mentality.

We don’t believe in outsourcing simple duties – instead, we take pride in handling every aspect of the task ourselves. And we hire incredible people with that same mentality. This hands-on approach ensures a direct, efficient, and meticulous execution of your needs, reflecting our commitment to your success, in every endeavor.

Keith Meyer – President

Our Guy…Your Point of
Contact, You Lucky Duck

Let us brag on Keith a little because it embarrasses him. But mostly because you need to know the man helping to lead up your future success.

Keith boasts three decades of marketing expertise in the endurance industry, with a significant portion spent collaborating with Ironman and various triathlons.

His extensive experience includes major events such as the NYC Marathon, NYC Tri, London Marathon, and NY Giants Football.

Additionally, Keith has accrued 15+ years of managing triathlon and cycling teams, having worked with reputable brands like Timex, Suunto, Trigger Point, X2 Performance, Trek/VW, and UW Health Cycling.

So not only is he super-qualified to head up your marketing, but he’s also likely to kick your butt in any physical activities you can dream up. Ever heard of Ostrich Racing? Wife Carrying? Quidditch? He’ll probably beat you there too.

Round Peg, Square Hole

Or, rather, their boring square
booths vs. our striking dome tent.

I faced the exciting challenge of distinguishing our brand amidst a sea of powerhouse competitors at the prestigious IRONMAN World Championship. Considering the expo’s landscape filled with hundreds of square pop-up tents, I aimed for something distinct — a round tent!

In response, we conceptualized and constructed a fully custom dome, complete with air-conditioning, that not only showcased our brand prominently but also ensured we stood out prominently in the bustling crowd. The result was a unique and eye-catching presence that captivated attendees and set us apart from the competition.

Thinking Outside the Box…

By Getting Inside a Box

It’s a literal metaphor.

I led the task of introducing a groundbreaking $99 GPS watch with the tagline “Your Simplest GPS Watch Ever.”

Staying true to the theme, we asked ourselves, what’s simpler than our user-friendly watch? The answer: a cardboard box!

Our booth, crafted from 95% recycled cardboard materials, not only aligned with our product launch but also struck a chord with the thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who attended the show. The response was overwhelmingly positive, making our message resonate even more effectively.

More Wicked-Cool Stuff About Keith

Hey there! I’m Keith Meyer, just a regular guy navigating life with my family—my awesome wife and our three lively kiddos. Our home is a chaotic mix of laughter, love, and the constant antics of our two goofy dogs Belle and Winnie.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I’ve got that Buffalo Bills loyalty running through my veins. Even as life takes me to new places, the Buffalo spirit stays strong.

When I’m not adulting at work, you’ll catch me out and about, chasing adventures in the great outdoors. Whether I’m shredding snowy slopes, pounding the pavement on a run, or tackling rugged trails on my mountain bike, I’m always up for a good thrill.

Now, let’s talk food. I’ve got a serious thing for anything with “burrito” in its name. It’s my weakness, what can I say? And when I’m not devouring burritos, I’m in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. I’ve got this knack for creating dishes that bring people together—it’s kind of my superpower.

Come along for the ride, where family, adventure, and a whole lot of love for good food weave together into a colorful tapestry of life.