This is Brian: one of our four fearless leaders. And we mean fearless. He’ll watch a scary movie, then walk right up the stairs with the lights off, no problem. He’ll slide down the big water slide before all those fraidy-cat kids. He’ll belt out Freddie Mercury on karaoke night, one beer in. He’ll order his Pad Thai noodles…Thai hot. 

See what I mean? Fear. Less.

You may consider all this mediocre bravery, but we’re not talking about you. 

Silly jokes aside (the bio writer is a cheeky fabulist for cheap laughs… and nobody double-checks her work), Brian’s personal life has been truly adventuresome. He lived in Singapore and Manila for seventeen years before moving to the U.S. permanently in 1985. He has sailed on the South China Sea, taught English in Japan, crewed on a commercial fishing boat out of Hawaii, and worked on a cattle ranch in Arizona. (What are you doing with your life?)

And he’s equally impressive professionally: Brian has over 20 years of marketing experience, all the while keeping up with ever-changing tools, platforms, techniques, and strategies. He’s worked for top-tier agencies in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco.

He is a hands-on marketing expert, digitally-savvy growth driver, and consistent top performer with a track record of building and leading teams, driving omni-channel demand generation, nurturing leads through to conversion, and positioning brands for maximum performance and bottom-line growth. 

Throughout his career, Brian has been a key driver behind marketing and demand generation success for high-profile brands like Microsoft,, Databricks, Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, and PeopleSoft, among many others as in-house demand generation leader, agency Vice President/Partner, and marketing consultant. To break that down:

At Y&R Brands (Wunderman) he led multiple lines of the $100M Microsoft business, including Microsoft Azure, Skype, AdCenter, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, MSN, and Bing.

His efforts helped Juniper Networks generate 126% lift in MQL volume, 3X average industry conversion rate, 900% increase in lead value, and two coveted Oracle Markie Awards.

He launched as a go-to-partner to CEO, Mark Benioff — helping SFDC become the #1 SaaS solution by acquiring 2,500+ companies and 37,500 users within their first 18 months.

His hard work has resulted in multiple awards, including Addys, International ECHOs, the Lester Wunderman Award for Creative Leadership and Oracle Markie awards for Best Lead Management Program (2016) and Best Digital Ecosytem (2017).

Whew, we’re glad he’s on our side. 

And if you’re reading this, you want him on your side too. His expertise (alongside the talents of the other Wickeds found on this page) can help drive your company forward, and increase its profitability exponentially. Your growth is our growth.