Cody is a prodigal son of Colorado Springs, having grown up beneath the Rocky Mountains since birth, he has now returned after studying in the malicious heat of Phoenix, AZ for college.

Cody graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2017 with a double major in English Literature and Digital Film with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Soon after graduation, he went to work for Uber investigating the most severe reports by both Riders and Drivers. Missing family, friends, the mountains, and double-digit temperatures, Cody moved back to Colorado by transferring to Uber’s Denver office as a floor manager.

After some time back in-state, the bigger nerds at WickedThink lured Cody into their wacky office and there was no turning back.

While not writing copy, assisting with brand strategy, and generally fighting off general disorder for Wicked, Cody enjoys backpacking, reading and writing, cooking, and nerdy things that you don’t want in a written record.