Kimy Copeland was hired for her exceptional talent in developing creative and refreshing copy no matter what the subject matter (checking accounts are interesting!). Using the power of words to tell a story, to explain, to inspire, to direct, or to intrigue is well within her range of talents. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and was quickly hired by Wet Paint Marketing to produce creative, search-engine-optimized content. While at Wet Paint, she developed web marketing skills and honed her talents through work with such clients as:, SimplyRewards,, AIS, and others. She was then hired by the newly formed WickedThink Marketing as an associate creative director where her talents have been applied to such clients as Magnum Shooting Center, Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic, SYNQ3, Wildwood Casino, Colorado Clothing/Soybu, NexAuto, AutoBytel, Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, the Penkhus Automotive Group, and others.

She has a wealth of knowledge in managing a number of WickedThink clients, and has developed many online, video, and print communications. She also has a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Kimy is an advocate of the Oxford comma, overuse of the encouraging “thumbs up”, and of choosing ellipses for a slightly stronger pause (wait for it… wait for it). If all these talents aren’t impressive enough, she is also a mediocre crafter–emphasis on spray paint–and a pro dog mom. She has dreams of someday shoving her way across the rink as a Roller Derby Dame. Lastly, she is not a wine snob, but don’t touch her with that white stuff. Also, writing her own bio as though someone else had, left her feeling mildly uncomfortable…

Love a good pause.