Kris is a bit of a polymath…or he’s just ADD. Either way, his curiosity and genuine appreciation for just about anything and anyone has led him across the world studying subjects as varied as classic philosophy and data science. He’s good with things, but more importantly, he’s good at identifying which things to watch and why. 

Kris has always had a knack for breaking down complex mechanisms in order to understand more fully how each piece is contributing to the whole. This skill has provided invaluable insights to clients when evaluating sales and marketing practices. His instincts to cut or reinforce a certain tactic is often controversial, and sometimes it goes against the grain of what is currently working. However, the results have earned him the trust of both his clients and his peers.  

Kris studied philosophy and completed a Masters of Divinity at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Data Science at Georgia Tech. He thrives on travel, adventure, and all things social media. He has a lovely wife who threatens him daily, and a two year old baby boy who keeps him on his toes. He enjoys snowboarding, wake surfing, exploring foreign lands, and problem solving with big and small companies looking to grow. Oh, and he likes college football. Roll Tide.