Mackenzie Spillane


Whether writing a creative story or capturing an entrepreneur’s vision in a website, Mackenzie loves to write. Her passion for written communication, coupled with a natural eye and ear for language, enables her to capture the attention of readers and listeners. From a young age, she excelled in grammar; and, thanks to Mrs. Shinnick’s fourth grade class and a boy committed to picking his nose at the most inopportune moments, Mackenzie got to participate in multiple recordings and re-recordings of how-to-teach-grammar, video training. Joking aside, she clearly has both these individuals to thank because her pristine editing abilities have led her to award-winning papers and several press releases ran by top publications and TV stations.

At WickedThink Marketing, Mackenzie helps lead the team’s content production while also running the company’s public relations services. Her PR efforts have led to online and on-air placements for multiple clients. Media placements include regional pick-ups with KRDO channel 13, KKTV, the Gazette, and others, and industry-specific publications such as Fast Casual, Modern Restaurant Management, Food Newsfeed, Hospitality Technology, and more.

During her past three years with WickedThink, Mackenzie has participated in the development of several projects from conception to completion; projects for clients in a variety of industries from restaurant technology to gaming to sports training, and many more. She has a knack for becoming a subject-matter expert in a wide array of topics. And, coupled with her creative writing background, she can make most any topic engaging.

Among these projects, she helped develop a HIPAA compliance website and portal from concept to customer use. And, while hours of reviewing HIPAA laws will not make her list of favorite projects, she did enjoy creating scripts and working with WT’s videographer, Mandi McNabb, producing lengthy, effective, and dare she say, fun, HIPAA training videos. As one client stated, talking about trying to make HIPAA interesting, “It’s like shining a turd.” Well, she and Mandi successfully shined it, receiving several compliments on the training portal and videos.

Before WickedThink, Mackenzie completed a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism at Vanguard University. And, while she thought she’d hit the track of a journalist after college, she ended up landing a paid internship with a top public relations firm, Capwell Communications, her senior year. This position came with many perks including an office-window, ocean view; however, most importantly, it trained Mackenzie in best practices for public relations. Mackenzie had the opportunity to work with multi-million-dollar companies and large organizations like Edwards Lifesciences, Parcel Pending, and the National Stroke Association.

When Mackenzie’s not tapping the computer keys like a piano, she enjoys hiking, camping, playing volleyball, country dancing, jamming to music with her beat-up, bright orange mustang’s top down, road-tripping, traveling, watching movies, reading, jogging on a rare occasion, and sucking the marrow out of life with her best friend, aka the hubby, Nate.