Oh! Hello! I didn’t see you sitting there. Well, since I have your attention, let me tell you my life story. You don’t have time? Don’t worry, I’m only twenty-two years old, it can’t be that long of a story. See, I was born very young and didn’t have much experience then. However, twenty-two years has been plenty of time to learn a thing or two. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and have never thought of leaving this state. I attended Colorado Springs Christian Schools since Pre-kindergarten and stayed there all the way until I graduated high school with, what I’m choosing to call “average marks.” In those years, I took an interest in computers and have been tinkering and playing around with software, hardware, and any other “-ware” you can think of. It was in my sophomore year that I decided that I wanted to work in such a field and really focused on web development.

I have been working since I was fourteen, where I started as a ranch hand at a horse boarding company in Black Forest. I worked there for four years shoveling… well, you know, and learned a great work ethic. I also watered, fed, and cared for 18 horses almost every day. Then, I started working as a student employee with Josh Nicholson (you should give his bio a read if you’ve got the time) in the Web Services team at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where I really got into web development and learned that I enjoyed the work and, most importantly, that I was good at it. This was short-lived, however, as I didn’t stay a student at UCCS for long and could not work in the department anymore. So, naturally, I became a logistics manager at a wholesale security supply company. Which was cool for a very short while, as it was a dead-end job with no room to grow, I started looking elsewhere. That’s when I found my friends at Wicked Think. Josh had reached out to me needing some freelance work done, and after that first project, I was all about Wicked Think and wanting to be a part of their incredible team. I have been here for a few weeks at the time of writing and have loved every minute of it.

Since I’m sure you were itching to know, my weekends usually consist of driving my Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS around town, working on my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, playing Halo with my best friend Menoly, or building computers with my friend Michael to resell as part of my side business.

Well, there you have it. Since you didn’t have much time, I figured I would cut out the parts where I fell off my bike, got my heart broken, and cried over spilled milk. I hoped you enjoyed your time, and thank you for listening!