Stan Nelson


Stan Nelson has years of artistic experience under his paintbrush—in nearly every medium. After sophisticated scribbles and artsy hobbies weren’t enough, Stan launched his art career at a San Francisco Bay Area print house setting lead type, and printing leaflets and brochures. He even began selling a slew of extremely popular oil paintings at small galleries in the Castro District. Stan expanded his talents into comic book art just as the local comic scene exploded toward the end of the 1980s and into the early 1990s. Corporate advertising art came next as he went on to the California-based Nav-Lite Corporation, where he produced artwork for the company’s safety and emergency lighting ad campaigns using pen & ink, airbrush, and his first foray into digital art production—talents which are now tastefully gloat-worthy.

As the computer gaming industry grew in sophistication, he began designing package art and, later, texture art on 3D models for action-adventure game publishers such as RavenSoft, Valve, and Reload. As work dried up in California, he moved on to Colorado to work for his friend, Kim Shugart, at Mr. Biggs—one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the nation. There he designed many of the attractions and, with veteran artist, Paul Madson, helped to design the park’s widely recognized brand image. Since then, he has produced artwork for Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs, Coachman Energy Funds, BioPro Power, and The Compass Group.

As Senior Production Artist for WickedThink Marketing, he has done creative work for clients, Magnum Shooting, eAutoConnect, Wildwood Casino, AutoBytel, MainNerve, Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic, and others.

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, 1983 with a BA in English, minoring in etymology, he broke away from his interest in linguistics to pursue more artistic endeavors (doodles, rather than dialect, were his forte—though his syntax talents are ever present). When not producing art for customers, he produces art for personal enjoyment, continually expanding his skills in 2D, vector, and 3D art. An avid collector of miniatures, he paints models in striking detail adding one more layer to his love of art. An aficionado of heavy metal music, he plays bass guitar and has been exploring digital music as well using a Yamaha keyboard and midi software. His artistic talents are continually growing—as long as a swig of coffee is never too far away.