Tonya was born and raised in Geneva, OH which is in the heart of Ohio’s wine country, a fact that she couldn’t adequately appreciate before it was too late…

She joined the US Air Force after high school to become a Lao Linguist.  After becoming bored with speaking another language like a champ, she left the AF to start working as a property manager and front desk manager at a hotel. She also decided to dabble in the culinary arts as a sous chef before deciding that all of that was too overwhelmingly entertaining and finally confessed her undying love for numbers in an accounting office in 2000. It was actually quite romantic. 

She has been in the accounting field until she began media buying in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since! While her one true love is still digits, cooking remains as a dirty little secret that her alphanumeric ball-and-chain still doesn’t know about. She’s also been known for spending some time with abstract painting, writing, philosophy, and hiking… but they’re all just friends.  She loves spending time with family and friends and will always answer the call when the adventuring urge strikes!