On Site YMCA Facility Visit Evaluation

Evaluation Info

Evaluator Name(Required)
Date of visit(Required)
Time of visit(Required)

Greeting and Rapport Building

Parking lot, front entryway clean and inviting?(Required)
Were you greeted within 30 seconds of entering the facility or within 10 feet of the front desk?(Required)
Did the team member who gave you the tour introduce him/herself by name?(Required)

Tour & Needs Assessment

Did the team member ask open-ended questions to identify your needs and wants in a membership plan during the tour?(Required)
Did the team member ask questions regarding your fitness goals and interests?(Required)
Did the team member ask if you wanted to see the facility, take a tour?(Required)
Were you provided with information about a Jump Start (Free personal training appointment included)?(Required)
Did they talk about a fitness orientation (someone to show you the equipment)?(Required)
Or an InBody Assessment?(Required)
Or a meeting with a personal trainer to set goals?(Required)
Were you provided with information about our Annual Support Campaign?(Required)
Did they talk about the Y being a not-for-profit organization?(Required)
Did they talk about us offering assistance for membership and programs?(Required)

Closing & Follow-up

Did the team member ask a "soft close" question at any time? For example, "does this sound like it will be a good fit for you/your family?"(Required)
Did the team member ask you if you are ready to join the YMCA today?(Required)
Did the team member offer you a pass to come back and try using the facilities?(Required)

Things to Observe